Female American Pit Bull Terrier puppy for sale. We have 11 adorable puppies who were born on January 28, Mother is blue nose and father is red Learn more View Details. Champion Bloodlines. Female German Shepherd puppy for sale. Female Anatolian Shepherd puppy for sale. They are the best family members and guardian, only 11 weeks they begin to learn how to protect our livestock.

Our pups were born on May 19, Their father is protectiveness, loyalty, and gentleness with Harper is a Mini Bernedoodle, a designer breed, bred for personality, intelligence, genetic soundness, and longevity.

Dachshund puppies for sale in Nys : Akcdachshundny only Breeds quality Champion Akc puppies

She plays really well with her siblings and our children Montana is a Miniature Bernedoodle, a designer breed bred for personality, intelligence, genetic soundness and longevity. She is super cute with her curly top!

She is very Winston is a Miniature Bernedoodle, a designer breed bred for personality, intelligence, genetic soundness and longevity.

He is our youngest but weighs as much as the eldest Porsche is a Mini Bernedoodle, a designer dog breed, bred for personality and intelligence. She is a wonderful fun loving puppy with lots of energy and loves to cuddle.

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Try BreedMatch! List Your Puppies.Akc Dachshund puppies for sale in Ny. Champion bred.

dachshund puppies for sale in hudson valley ny

Quality reputable Breeder. Consider our guardianship program We are a private home, NOT a kennel and visits are by appointment only.

Leave a message and only call one time. I understand you are excited but do NOT call 5 times in a row. I take medication to combat breast Cancer. I will return your call. Powered by GoDaddy Website Builder. Please CALL noon-midnite! Do NOT text to inquire. Thank You. Expecting interview with me What sets us apart? Questions and answers.

dachshund puppies for sale in hudson valley ny

About the breed. Male vs Female. Nanci Cerilli and Vito. My fight. What sets us apart? Rescues Rescues past. Questions and answers Questions and answers. About the breed About the breed. Male vs Female Male vs Female. My fight My fight. Click here for all long coats puppies on page 2. Call today to reserve! Video of Jenny litter Check out this great video. Ask about any Unlisted or Upcoming puppies. Past puppies. All images and text is copyrighted to Akcdachshundny anyone Stealing images or any wording or phrases from our website will be prosecuted.Dachshund Puppies for Sale Breed Info.

Dogs for Sale Near Hudson Falls, New York

This breed is very loyal to their owner, and they make great companions. Dachshunds are good with children, however, are not always recommended for young children as their back can be injured by rough play. They are also good with other pets. Dachshunds are a breed that benefit greatly from having an established hierarchy in the household from a young age, and knowing there are firm rules from their master. Dachshunds are known for their devotion and loyalty, and are very intelligent.

See Ridgewood Kennels Dachshund puppies for sale below! They are well behaved indoors, so they are good for apartment living, but will enjoy walks and outdoor playtime. Most importantly, care needs to be taken when playinng as they can easily injure their long back.

Grooming: Bathe when needed, in addition to frequent ear cleaning. Also keep nails trimmed. Shedding: Dachshunds are an average shedder, but due to such short hairs, it is not a trouble with cleaning. Life Expectancy: years. Since they were bred to hunt small game such as badger and rabbit, the Dachshund has shortened legs to hunt and follow these animals to ground inside the burrows. The Dachshund was first recognized by the AKC in In Addition Also See:.

Hi Holly, I just wanted to take a moment and update you one our puppy. We bought Mason or as you knew him, Asher from you guys in March. When we brought him home he was a 2. To this day he is now 10 pounds and almost 7 months old.

Mason is the first pet I have ever had. We are in the process of trying to teach him sit, stay, those types of tricks. He already knows speak. Mason learned how to play fetch almost as soon as we brought him home and he also likes to swim! When he gets tired, he will walk into his crate by himself and go right to sleep. He sleeps all night, sometimes I have to actually wake him up in the morning lol. From the moment we brought Mason home, he was such a happy puppy.

I could tell from that moment that you guys really take care of the pups you sell. I have recommended 2 people to check out Ridgewood to buy puppies. Click here to see all of our newest and available additions. Constantine Male Dachshund Puppy. Forever homed Maywood, NJ. Mina Female Dachshund Puppy. Forever homed in Severn, MD. Lancelot Male Dachshund Puppy. Forever homed in Claysburg, PA.

Oscar Male Dachshund Puppy. Forever homed in York, PA. Pete Male Dachshund Puppy. Forever homed in Forest Hill, MD.Click here and tell your legislators to vote NO! Dachshunds have a hunting reputation which may be hard to believe because of their miniature size. This breed was in the business of hunting tunneling animals like foxes and rabbits however, its increased versatility has made them great show dogs, family pets and even companions.

dachshund puppies for sale in hudson valley ny

These small prey hunters have definitely had their fair share of playing predator and prey, hence moving onto some other characteristics of the dog breed. Discover more about our Dachshund puppies for sale below!

This dog breed originated from Germany and back then they were referred to as the badger dog. This dog breed can be traced to the 15 th century and they came in different sizes. The purpose of this was to create a dog that could fit into the burrows of a badger and lure him out or kill him. A lot of years went into this development and in the s people started keeping Dachshunds as pets rather than hunting dogs. This dog breed is clever no doubt. It has a fearless trait as part of its hunting heritage, it is courageous, driven and can display traits of stubbornness.

This dog breed is very entertaining especially when it chases its tail. However, with the diversity in the color of the coat, the personality of the dachshund differs. The wirehead breed has the terrier in its lineage which could be the source of its mischief. The longhairs are calmer than the Smooths which have a mix in personality. Dachshunds are naturally bold and fearless hence when getting a puppy, neglect any that displays timidity.

This petite dog can thrive in an apartment setting. However, they have a low tolerance for cold weather as their fur is thin, but they can handle the heat. Any loving environment where the dachshund will have a good amount of exercise or walks is fine with this breed.

This dog breed has an average need for exercise. They can be very playful especially around kids and their exercise needs are fair. Any exercise the dachshund partakes in needs to be of average intensity to avoid fatigue.

Breeder quality champion AKC Dachshund Puppies in Nys. We are license 1106

They are natural hunters, hence they have a great potential for wanderlust and they will follow trails till they probably get missing.

In essence, in terms of exercise, walks in the park, playing fetch or testing his perseverance could be great for the dog. When dachshunds get bored or are left unattended for hours at a stretch, they can eat and destroy anything within their reach. Maintaining this dog breed costs little to nothing. Yes, they do shed but no, not often and not in abundance. Their fur is short and shiny hence it requires regular brushing to keep their appearance. Bathing dachshunds should be done ceremoniously or when they reek of something.

One important factor to note is that Dachshunds are also groomed based on their type. Our Dachshund puppies for sale come from either USDA licensed commercial breeders or hobby breeders with no more than 5 breeding mothers. We only purchase puppies from the very best sources, and we stand behind every puppy we sell.Dikerdachs Kennels is located in New York.

Young adult champions available to select homes occasionally. My handsome Oskar remains a bundle of love.

People constantly stop me to swoon over him. Pepper is the best thing that happened to me this year! She is the happiest puppy; she brings pure joy to this world. We just adore Maddie. She brings us great joy, laughter and love. My husband and three sons are totally smitten with her — and she knows it! Dimitri is truly a noble beast and wonderful friend, companion and the very best uncle that Precious Layla could ever hope for.

I would gladly bring them for a visit to remind you of your divine creations! Oliver is such a great little ambassador for the breed and for your breeding in particular. One woman wanted to hold Oliver; she was just wild about him. Admired by everyone, but most importantly, at home she is the most wonderful combination of sweetness and intelligence with just a touch of naughtiness.

We LOVE our puppy. She is the best little dog ever. She is so good and everyone who meets her thinks she is so beautiful. We are so happy to have her. He is adorable, has a great personality and has brought so much joy into our lives. We are wondering if you have any new dogs available… we certainly would love another Diker dog in the family.

She is bringing much joy and laughter and energy to our household. We are so pleased to have her. He is eager to please, affectionate and a dedicated companion to us and to his dachshund brother. We breed, show and sell miniature long-haired dachshund puppies. All rights reserved.

Portraits by Kathy Landman. Toggle navigation. Discover More About Us. Paisley had 4 Pups Jan 16, ! Contact Us. Our happy Dachshunds A few of our longhaired mini dachshunds. Aren't they beautiful? Victoria W, mom to Oskar. Every day, we are just so over the moon about Penelope! Owner of Waffles, C.Akc Dachshund puppies for sale in Ny.

Champion bred. Quality reputable Breeder. Sometimes we can deliver nationwide or meet half way for a fee. We do this privately.

dachshund puppies for sale in hudson valley ny

It is important to us that we speak with anyone who is inquiring and so we try not to answer questions online via text, comments, pm, or via email. Please call NOONpmcall one time and leave a message!!!!! Every puppy, like every home is unique and so it is very important that we speak to you in order to ensure the perfect fit. All our dogs and puppies receive the best in home health care and veterinary care. They all receive appropriate vaccines. They all drink from an eight thousand dollar water purification system.

I provide a three year health guarantee in writing, bordatella, two sets of vaccines, three if older, fully dewormed and they go home with a custom puppy kit with all supplies except a crate!! Akc papers are available to approved owners only. Full Akc available to approved breeders only.

We must meet you in our home or yours.

We are a private home not a kennel. We specialize in quality not quantity. All our dogs are Akc champion lines. Our dogs are our life and we take them back at any time for any reason.

Please do not visit any vets, pet stores that allow or sell animals, shelters, or breeders before visiting our home. We do not allow other dogs to visit our home. We ask that when you arrive only 2 people come inside. Please bleach shoes prior to arrival. All of this protects your potential companion from disease, fleas, giardia, parvo, and other parasites.

Here we specialize in customer satisfaction. Thank you for considering making one of our babies- your baby! Here we have simple goals. We want to keep our customers happy by producing happy healthy puppies. We want you to feel secure and safe in your life long decision. We strive to be the best at what we do. Did I say always, I meant Always! My goal is assure you that I will do everything in my power to make sure that even if everything goes wrong I will do everything right!My name is Plato and I am a lovely eight year old Schnauzer - mixture.

I haven't been socialized that well but I am working on it! Meet Beau! This guy is so happy, really goofy and very smart!!

Hilarious Dachshund on Holiday

He is a bigger guy at 70lbs - but…. Hi, I'm a attractive 7 mnth old mastiff still being evaluated. Check back later for more updated info on me! Check back later for more updated information on me! Hi everyone! My name is Miss. I am a 7yr old sweetheart who loves everything, but small animals. My favorite things are eating carrots, and riding…. Hi, My name is Tati. I'm a 12 yr old spayed female Shih-Tzu.

I'm very wonderful. I do have a heart murmur. I'm looking for that special home where I will…. Ads 1 - 8 of 86, Sort Dogs by Breed Black and Tan Coonhound. Age Puppy. Color Black. Gender Male. View Details. Breed Dachshund. Breed Schnauzer. Adopt Beau a Rottweiler, Shepherd.

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